5th Annual Malcolm Butler Camp

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Malcolm Butler Football Camp
8×10 Photos $10

Malcolm Butler Parade

Home Town Hero Parade

Malcolm Butler Parade

Vicksburg’s Home Town Hero

Super Bowl History

50th Super Bowl

On behalf of the Gator Football Booster Club, we are in the process of selecting various donations to become a part of the Gator Football Sideline Banner (58“w x 28-3/4″h) advertisement. We are asking you to be a part of this great opportunity by serving as one of the sponsors. The name of your organization and other contact information will be printed on the banner and will be posted on the sidelines during the 2016-2017 school year, banners will spread from the goal lines up to the 50yd lines on both sides of field. Your sponsorship of a set amount (see attached corporate sponsor form for contribution levels) will be displayed at every athletic event played at Gator Memorial Stadium.

We are excited about this opportunity for your company to take advantage of becoming a part of Gator Memorial Stadium. We hope you will be able to support this endeavor as one of our corporate donors. The deadline for participation is June 30, 2016.This donation is tax deductible and the advertising will be seen throughout each athletic game. We thank you in advance for your support and ask that your company continue to support us in our future endeavors.

Information on forwarding sponsorships are enclosed please contact Mr. James Daniels, President at 601.630.5846, if further information is needed. Again, thank you for your time and consideration in this matter.

DONATION SPONSOR LEVELS                                                                                    

Bronze        $250 Bronze Package, Advertisement Banner from Goal line- 20yd Line

                       (Company mention after 1st down on PA system)

Silver           $500 Silver Package, Advertisement Banner from 25yd Line-35 Line

                       (Company mention after 1st down on PA system)


Gold             $1000 Gold Package, Advertisement Banner from 40yd Line-40 yd Line

                        (Company mention after 1st down on PA system)


Diamond     $5000 Diamond Package, Scoreboard Advertisement

                        (Company mention after touchdowns and interceptions on PA system, plus VIP passes)

Please attach your logo and/or name as it should appear in the banner and return this form, along with your check made payable to