5th Annual Malcolm Butler Camp

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Malcolm Butler Football Camp
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Malcolm Butler Parade

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On Saturday, July 17, 2021, the Super Bowl Champion Malcolm Butler (#21 of the Arizona Cardinals) will host the 7th Annual “Malcolm Butler Football Camp.

This camp is designed to assist in the development of speed, strength, agility, and the improvement of technical skills. This camp will enable us to reach some of the youngest and brightest minds and also help to motiviate young athletes.

1st-6th grades and 7th-12th grades Camp time: 7:30am-12:30pm.

All participants must have on file a signed Application and a signed Medical and Liability release form before camp begins.

1st-6th Grade Camp Registration:


7th-12 Grade Camp Registration


Covid Protocol For Campers
*NOTE to Parents- if your child is not feeling well the day before or the day of the camp please do not allow your child to attend the camp. Upon entering the stadium, each camp participant will have his/her temperature taken by a staff member. All camp participants must wear a mask at all times. Hand sanitizer stations will be stationed in designated areas around the stadium. Campers are encouraged to be  at least 3 feet apart from other campers.

Please contact Cynthia Bell 601-529-7470 or Carolynn Bingham 601-738-8102 for additional information.


Cynthia Bell
Event Coordinator

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Malcolm Butler 2nd Annual Football Camp

        On Saturday July 16, 2016, the Gator Booster Club along with Super Bowl Champion Malcolm Butler (#21 of the New England Patriots) will be host the second annual “Malcolm Butler Football Camp” in Vicksburg, MS for 1st-8th grade boys. The camp is free for all participants and we need your support….